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A timer for 30 minutes, this is probably the most sought-after timer in the world. After all, we spend an average of half an hour on the absolute majority of cases. And how not to remember about the thirty-minute rest? – These are the very 30 minutes that we lack so much. 30 minutes timerIn short, go to our website www.timerok.ru and turn on the timer for 30 minutes. And after that, you can turn on  15 minutes timer about your business. You are sometimes looking at the computer screen to see how much more time you have left. And the 30 minutes that our timer counts have not been exhausted. Remember that in addition to the timers, we still have stopwatches. Timers that will deduct any period you need, not just 30 minutes.

How to use the timer?

You can use it on any device. This is a browser timer. It works on the principle opened and launched. For convenience, expand it to full screen. At the end of the countdown, you will hear a beep.